Why aesthetics ?

A powerplant is asked to produce power. Why then should we care about aesthetics ?

Pragmatics is more important than aesthetics. If we focus more on aesthetics than on pragmatics, the result on the long term is a triumph of superficiality and absurdity, and in the end, this gets not truly beautiful.

So, why should we care about aesthetics ?

I’ve learnt that the psychic motors of people are not rational. People are moved by hope, by fear. It is said that love is not rational, but what is reason if not an expression of the love of truth ? 🙂

Petroleum is expected to be depleted in 2050. It makes environmental issues quite an emergency. Please let me be patient and strong.

Yeah, it’s extremely difficult. Sure the means should be higher than the difficulty. What does that mean ?


It means we need to use aesthetics to attract people into more ecological systems. We may lose some production, but what we lost in terms of Watts shall be gained later as a more environmentally-friendly and economically reliable lifestyle. Economics is a wonderful science, it’s just that the true value is much deeper and mysterious than money.


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