Hi everybody 🙂 .

I’m here launching a new website about renewable energies ! It is called SARCE, for Sufficient, Affordable, Renewable and Clean Electricity.

SARCE is the electrical ideal. Sufficient, because otherwise we would lack electricity. Affordable, because everyone, rich or poor, should have an access to electricity. Renewable, because it is long term reliable. Clean, because otherwise it causes illness to various forms of life.

SARCE also has its logo.

Print it, stick it, copy-paste it, photocopy it, tag it, it’s public domain !

The good news is that SARCE has already been done somewhere. Iceland has reached 100 % renewable electricity, and though it is not completely the ideal, they’re definetely close of it.

In this website, I shall give you information about renewable energies, about projects that go towards SARCE.

About me, my name’s Corentin CHAROUSSET, I’m 26, I live in France and I’ll soon study solar power at the university. I plan to work in the development of renewable energies.

Feel free to leave a comment. I’m looking for professional contacts in that field, and on the long term I plan to make an association, with a more serious website and why not actions all over the world ?

If you want to contact me, you can leave me an e-mail at

Welcome in the enchanted world of renewable energies ! 😀